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Servizi a valore aggiunto

Per permettere ai propri Partner di sfruttare al meglio tutte le sinergie, collaborazioni e relazioni di loro interesse, il Parco offre una vasta gamma di servizi ad alto valore aggiunto. I servizi vengono predisposti, organizzati ed offerti prevalentemente in outsourcing dalle aziende insediate.

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Hub of innovation

Our  Mission is to promote the development of a hub of knowledge, innovation and high technology by creating a rendezvous point for innovation-driven companies and for scientific and R&D centers focusing on advanced technologies.

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Network of relationships

Kilometro Rosso is a “node of an international network of relationships and connections”, that boosts the share of skills, knowledge, information and know-how not only among its Partners, but also between them and the outside world.

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Services offered

The conditions in the Park will be such that each research centre, business and laboratory will have the possibility to develop appropriate synergies, collaborations and relationships, and will be able to exploit a comprehensive range of value-add services.
These services will be made available and co-ordinated by the Park’s management and development companies or by third parties selected to match the specific needs of the tenants, in line with agreements that will be stipulated by the existing tenants of the Park.
Kilometro Rosso is an open system that offers its services not only to those located within the Park but also (albeit under different conditions) to institutions, companies, research centres and laboratories that are located outwith the Park. The aim of this strategy is to create a network of mutually beneficial relationships that will benefit all concerned.

Consultancy and support services

  • Support in establishing partnerships and contracting out services for the industrialisation, promotion and development of products and services
  • Assistance and advice on accessing subsidised loans for R&D and for establishing and developing new ventures and spin-offs
  • Legal advice on the protection of intellectual property and patent rights
  • National and international public relations and contracting services for research-based collaboration agreements between tenants and other organisations
  • Implementation/development of partnerships between national and international resident companies, universities and scientific institutes
  • Technical and scientific support to various levels of government, provided in line with specific agreements.

Training services

  • University-level training in collaboration with universities and other national and international scientific institutes
  • Non-university higher and specialist education based on the promotion and dissemination of research and innovation and technology transfer
  • Help in establishing innovation-led start-up companies in various ways, including the promotion of links with providers of education and training.

Promotional and support services

  • Collection, processing, publication and dissemination of information on the research conducted in the Park, in partnership with those involved, in order to stimulate further research
  • Organisation of conferences and seminars in the Park to promote further research, highlight innovation, facilitate technology transfer between companies and develop priority technologies for industry
  • Organisation of shows and exhibitions to publicise the brands and activities of the resident companies and organisations
  • Design, management and development of the ‘’ science portal, which features sections dedicated to the tenants and their research activities and provides relevant web links.

Logistics services

The Professions Centre
An architecturally striking building located in the heart of the Kilometro Rosso complex that gathers together under one roof the main tangible and shared services that the Park has to offer:

  • Reception, security and monitoring
  • Meeting/seminar/video-conferencing rooms and library
  • Cafeteria, bar, postal and banking counter and press centre

Infrastructural support:

  • Laboratories for technologically innovative solutions, both ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom-built to match specific needs and activities
  • State-of-the-art offices with hi-tech infrastructures
  • Warehouses and other facilities.

Internal services
Centralised technical, IT, organisational, financial and business incubation services.

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